Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

Hey Hey Family! Happy Easter weekend! Well it's kinda over now haha but yeah Happy Easter still! :) It sounds like you guys had a bunch of fun this past week! We had a pretty solid week this past week too! and yes I am loving the fall weather here! It has been soooo nice this past week!!! I got two big news things to tell you guys about! I will start with the less cool one of the two haha.

So we got our new pench!!! We have been trying to move into this new pench foreverrrrrrrrrr! But we finally got it all worked out and got the contract signed and everything is set in stone! We moved in this past Tuesday and it is sooo nice! It's right across the street from the church! They took our bikes away though because we live a lot closer to everything now, but I am ok with that! :) I will send you a bunch of photos of the pench today!

ok and for the second big news......................Transfers.................................... I'm staying here in Tunuyan!!! and I'm going to be TRAINING!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!  I am wayyyyyy excited!!! I totally did not think I would be staying for my last two transfers! or training! But prayers get answered. :) So yeah I will be ending my mission here in Tunuyan because it takes two transfers to train someone! I am way excited though. :) Elder Peterson is going back to his first zone of San Luis! He was a great companion though!

Other than that we had a good week! We taught a super spiritual lesson this past week with this man that use to be less active, his story of how he re activated is really cool. One day we were walking down the side of the road in like the middle of nowhere looking for a reference we had and this guy pulls up and he is like "brothers!" haha and he asks us where we are going and we just tell him how we are looking for someone and he told us he could give us a ride... so we go and we are looking and looking but we cant find the person, but as we are looking we get talking to this guy about how he is less active and how he is struggling at the time... well we never end up being able to find the person we were looking for but then he turns to us and says "I think maybe it was me you guys were looking for" and ever since that day (which was about 3 weeks ago) he has came to church. So he came to this lesson with us and he bore super strong testimony and he offered them a ride to church and everything. This was a part member family and the part that were members were less active. Well the lesson was super spiritual and it ended with a lot of tears... Well we are driving home with him from the lesson and he tells us about how one of his friends the night before had challenged him to go visit a less active who needed his help. Well the thing is that he isn't from here and is really new here so he didn't know a single less active, but we just had the feeling that we should call him and invite him to come with us to this lesson that happened to be with some less actives. When he told us that he almost started to cry and thank us. The Lord has a way to do his work even when we don't know what way to go. :) He also told us that it was the best Saturday he has had in a year and a half (because that was how long ago he went inactive), and I think I would have to agree with him. :)

So yeah it was a great week! That is way sad to hear about those missionaries in Belgium. :( I actually sorta know the missionary from Santa Clara! He is friends with Ben's cousin Wade and so I had seen him once or twice in person. They are in my prayers for sure. Well I hope you guys have a great week! I am excited to work super hard these next 3 months and train this new Elder super good! I hope you guys have a great week! It always makes me happy to hear how good you are all doing! Thanks for sending the dance photos! They brought back tons of funny/awesome memories! I love you guys sooo much. :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

This is me pretending to get transfer calls already in the photo

 My comp taught me how to play chess and we like to play on our roof

Yeah I am in heaven with our new pench! haha

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