Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 2, 2014

Hola Everyone!! :) How are you all doing?? I bet you guys are having an awesome time in Park City. :) Everything is great here at the MTC!! This was by far the fastest week yet. its crazy how fast time is going by!! but I am absolutely loving it and will never forget my experience here. :)

Sooo guess what... We got our travel plans!!!! We are going to ARGENTINA! :) we don’t have our Visa's yet even but we are going there on travels Visa's. :) that just means that if our visa doesn’t come in the next 90 days, that we will have to go back to America and wait for our real Visa's haha! but yeah it is pretty exciting news though! We leave next Monday! (a week from Monday) We have a 4 1/2 hour lay-over in Atlanta though! so that is when I will be able to talk to you guys! I will get you more information next Saturday about what time I will be calling and stuff like that. I'm so excited to be in Argentina! I can’t wait! :)

So it has just been a really good week. We got our travel plans, we went to the temple, and me and Elder Mangum committed our of our investigators to baptism!!! I know it is fake investigators, but it seems so real! In one of our lessons the lady started to cry because the spirit was so strong! it was so cool to help her feel the spirit. :)

That is really sad about Nana... But isn’t it amazing to know that families can be together forever through heavenly fathers plan!! when I heard the news about Nana, the first thing that came to my head was "Para siempre Dios esté con Vos"  which is "God be with you til we meet again" in english. We sing that song often and it really just comforted me to know that we will be together after this life.

So to answer some of your questions... I am doing great :) Yes I still am liking the food a lot! We rotate through all the food every two weeks... so you kinda eat the same things a lot, but yeah I still like the food haha. :)

I honestly think I have gained some weight!!! We have no way to check here at main campus... but I really think I have gained a few pounds! haha! 

I totally forgot my birthday was coming up! haha wow it is in 20 days!! that is crazy... I don’t really need anything for my birthday, so just surprise me. ;) 

I havent had to speak at church yet... but I have a feeling that my turn is coming up! haha :) yeah we still have to write a talk in Spanish every week even if we don’t give a talk... they are nice to have though because you can use them in lessons!

The only people I see from Hurricane are Elder Cahoon and Elder Whimmer... but hey, every once and a while I see Sister Andi Behunin at Main Campus! it is always awesome to see her and see how she is doing and how the language is coming for her! :) she is going to Rob's mission!

That is really funny you had a dream that you came here and I gave you a tour and you met all my friends!!! haha I wish that was more than just a dream! ;)

Well I love you guys sooo much! I think about you guys all the time and you are all in my prayers always!! I hope everything goes well with E-dog getting his tonsils out and with Bryson going off to college! Tell Bryson he looks like a gangster in that picture with him and Parker haha :) Well I love you guys!! Adios! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence 

 Everyone loved your present for them!!! Everyone calls you our "district mom" now because of it. Thank you SO much for the package!! Im so grateful for all you guys do for me!!! :)

 Me and Elder Hansen got our hair cut this past Monday. I Wish you were here to cut my hair!! :( but hey, they did pretty good I guess... ;)

  This is right before we went to gym yesterday. Thanks for the shirt! It is the best for gym time! :)

 I took this picture this morning at about 5:50am before our service project... you can see how tired we all are in it!!! haha! 

Just posing in front of the Temple. It was pretty early so I probably look really tired haha. :)

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