Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm in Argentina!!

Holy cow I´m in Argentina!! I LOVE IT HERE!!! The people are sooo nice! My companion is so awesome!!! I just cant believe how perfect everything has been! My companions name is Elder Connolly! He is such an awesome kid! He is from Chandler, Arizona. Oh something I should tell you, so out of the 26 new missionaries, 20 of us recieved American companions! It has been great to have an American companion! because if I ever dont know what a word is, I just ask him and he tells me! He makes me talk alot to random people on the streets and in our lessons. I really like it though because it is helping me learn the spanish really fast! The first day I got here, I couldnt understand anyone!!! haha! but it has gotten alot better! and I have givin out 2 books of mormons already! the people here are awesome! So my area is in the city of "San Rafael". It is awesome! It is about 3 hours from Mendoza Centro. Our pench is on the main street! it is pretty small, but I love it! Oh and I have loved the food so far!!! We eat ALOT of beef and chicken! it is a dream come true! haha. sometimes thats all the members will give us, meat and some coke haha! I love it. :)

So imagine every dog you have ever seen in your life, and then times it by 10... That is how many dogs I see everyday!!! hahaha Im serious. there is so many dogs its crazy! and they just walk up and down the streets all day. 

So the bishop in our ward is 25 years old!! He is such an awesome dude!! He is basically like a kid but he is a really good bishop. He had me get up and tell everyone where I am from and stuff like that, and then I bore my testimony after! it was really cool/scary to get up infront of everyone! Oh, another thing is, the old ladies and stuff try to kiss our face! haha it is kinda weird, but I will probably get use to it haha :)

So to answer some of your questions...

It is pretty freezing here!! We are 3 hours south of Mendoza Centro, so yeah it is pretty cold. It probably gets to like 65 during the day (which probably isnt cold, Im just use to summer in Utah right now) But yeah the mornings are freezing! haha but I actually really like the cold so its all good. :)

I dont feel overwhelmed.. I would if I didnt have a companion! haha but yeah Elder Connolly always has my back. :) He has been out 18 months and this is his second time training... So his spanish is really good haha!

I hope Im not forgetting to tell you about anything!! I dont think it really has hit me yet that I am in a different country haha. :) 

Well I love you guys soo MUCH! I hope everyone is liking school!! Dont worry about me here, I feel safe. :) Its so good to here from you guys! I cant wait to tell you stories and what not. :) I love you!!!

Love, Elder Lawrence

 Just talking to you guys on the phone! :) haha

Flying into Mendoza! if you cant tell, its freezing, and all those fields are vineyards! so many vineyards here its crazy!!! haha :)

 One last district picture before we go to our different missions. this is the Buenos Aires Temple! it is sooo pretty! We didn't get to do a session, but it was really cool to be able to go there. :)

 This is the view from our mission presidents house! it is pretty sweet! it is just outside of Mendoza Centro.
 There is no toilet paper here! haha everyone just uses these things called bidé and it just sprays your butt with water!!! it is the weirdest thing in the world hahaha but I will probably get use to it.

 This is me and Elder Connolly!!! He is way hard working but he is way funny too! He always sings the beatles when we are walking down the streets haha. :)

 This is our pench!!! it is awesome! :) its just like a small little house/appartment thing haha. :)

This is our pench from the inside. Our beds are in the upstairs and our study room and bathroom are in the back! it is awesome! I love it. haha :)

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