Thursday, August 14, 2014

He made it to Argentina!!!

Dear Parents of new missionaries,
We wanted you to know that your missionaries arrived safely last night in Mendoza. This group is not only exceptionally large, but from what the president read of their profiles, they are exceptionally able and prepared. Thank you. There is a tremendous need for their faith and efforts here, and we are very grateful the Lord sent His very best to us.
The group traveled from the airport to the mission home where the wonderful Rasteli family had a dinner of Argentine ravioli and salad for them.  Very few turned down the dulce de leche flavored ice cream. We sang a hymn from our sixth floor balcony  “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer”, in four part harmony before having a prayer and sending them to their hotel for the night. They were in amazing spirits, for being so tired from their flights. Oh, to be that young again. Rest assured we will love these young people and help them fulfill their potential as the Lord’s servants.
Hermana Goates

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