Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

Hola!!! :) how is everyone doing?? Sounds like you guys had a pretty intense week!! haha :) I hope everyone is liking school and I hope you like your job! :) This has been a really good week! We have alot of progressing investigators!! 

So something I totally forgot to tell you about last week... Me and Elder Cahoon are in the same area!!! isnt that crazy?! So I get to see him every sunday at our big meeting thing, and I see him all day on P-Days! We are going to this huge park that has a big lake later today and our whole zone is going! So I will have to send you some pics with Elder Cahoon from there! :)

I feel like my spanish is getting good! My companion sure does help me alot with the spanish! and we are constantly talking to people, and people are always asking me questions like "where are you from" or "how old are you" haha so I am pretty good at answering basic questions! haha I try to participate in the lessons as much as possible too! I always say the opening prayer at our lessons, so that helps me get better at saying prayers in spanish, which is good!!

So to answer some of your questions...

We do knock doors! usually in the mornings. But we dont knock doors, you just clap really loud infront of the house, and then the people come out!!! haha it is kinda weird but yeah that is just a known thing to do down here!! and people let us in all the time! I love it haha :) and yes we teach the less active people. there isnt to many members in our ward, so I feel like we just teach basically everyone!! haha

Oh and yes there is still a billion dogs here!! haha wayyy more than Alton!! they usually keep there distance, but my companion got bit by a dog about a year into his mission! he has a big scar from that!

we walk EVERYWHERE. haha no joke, we walk 10+ miles a day!!! haha My legs are going to be in really good shape in two years!!! haha our church is about 3 miles from our house and we go there a couple times a week. so yeah everything in our area is pretty spaced out. our house is pretty close to all the stores though! so thats good. :)

Yes it is still freezing here!! I can see my breath usually till about 12:00 and then it starts to get a little warmer... It is spring time here now, so it should start to heat up a little!! :) It has rained a couple times too! that was pretty nice! haha :)

My birthday was good!!! We had a little extra time in the afternoon, so we went to this giant cemetary!! it was crazy! I will send you some pics from that! That night my companion made some like chocolate pudding stuff and brownies from my birthday, so we downed all that! :) haha

Well everything is really good here, We are teaching this mom and daughter, Volaria and Valintina, and I feel like they really want to be baptized!!! they asked us if they could read extra chapters in the book of mormon... and we were like "OF COURSE!!!" haha they really like having us over. and I really love them.

Well I love you guys soooo much!!! I hope you have a great week!!! I am loving the work so you dont have to worry about me to much. :) I will pray for our cars! haha those cars sure are struggling!!! haha well its so good to hear from you all! I love you guys more than anything!!! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence
This is what a lot of our meals look like! Empenadas and coke!! haha :)

Chilling in front of the San Rafael sign that is on the outskirts of the town! 

People are totally buried in the walls here!!! what the heck!! haha oh and there is an open spot too... kinda creepy haha!

We went to this huge cemetery on my birthday!!! Everyone is like buried above ground!!! it was soo awesome to go there! haha :)

I probably shouldn't be smiling in a cemetrry... haha but this cemetery was legit!!

I sent this to Elder Hansen because he is in Cordoba Argentina!! haha. I miss that kid so much! He was like my best bud!!! oh and sorry its kinda hard to get pictures of me and my companion because we don't trust the people here with our cameras haha!

Birthday pudding stuff! haha it looks pretty gross, but it was dang good!!! :)

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