Saturday, August 9, 2014

Last P-day at the MTC!!!!

Wow, can you believe how fast this week went?? I was really hoping that this week would go slow because it was my last week in America... and its almost gone! Its crazy that today is my last P-Day in the MTC!! I sure will miss all the friendships that I have made here at the MTC. So how are you all doing?? :) I hope everything is good!

So yesterday was "infield orientation" it was pretty cool! We were at main campus all day yesterday and it was really cool because I got to see alot of the people from Hurricane, that would probably be my last time to see them for a couple years. I saw Joe Takau, Andi Behunin, Rhett Gubler, Brock Fenton and Aziel Stevenson! It was good to see them! :)

So yesterday was also our last time with our teacher Hermano Avilia. It was a sad goodbye but he left an individual blessing on all of us and it was sooo amazing!!! I will miss him so much.

Sooo THANK YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH for all the B-Day stuff!!!! :) Wow it was so awesome to get all those presents!! Thank you for getting me the CTR rings to give to little kids! :) and thank you for the ties! everyone was jealous of them! they are awesome. :) Thanks for the picture book! It is awesome to have those pictures to look at whenever!! I really appreciate everything you guys got for me. :) Makaylee sent me an awesome Boston Red-Sox jersey for my birthday!! I love it!

So to answer you questions... I did open all of my birthday presents haha. :) but I did save the letter you guys sent! oh by the way, that was awesome to get all the birthday cards from the cousins and Aunts and Uncles! tell them I say thank you!!!! :)

I am soo excited to leave the MTC!!! :) I am just sad that I have to say bye to all of my friends that I have here! I will definitely keep in contact with Elder Hansen. He is like my best bud.

Someone told us that our flights over all is about 16 hours of flying... but counting the time at the airports in will be like 22 hours!!! haha Its crazy!

I will send you a picture of my flights plans so you will know my plane number and what time I will leave and stuff like that... Oh and Atlanta is an hour or two ahead of us so you will have to put that into accounting. 

Oh and I want to say sorry in advance for the picture overload... haha I took a bunch of pictures this past week that I want to send to you!!!

That is awesome that Katelyn Hirschi got her mission call! I wish I could email her and tell her congrats or something! haha :)

oh hey, so I was going to send a package home of note books and stuff, but they gave us like no time to get stuff ready and send home!!! and the package place closes at 2:00 on Saturdays... so we really had no time! 

It feels like I am forgetting to tell you guys something... If I think of something I will send you another email!

Well I love you guys so much! Have fun in America!!! haha oh and have fun at your new job! I hope you really like it! it sounds pretty awesome! :) Tell Kamrie and Ethan and Bryson good luck at school and tell Kamrie thanks so much for the letter!!! I LOVED IT!! :) oh and I hope and pray E-dog will feel better for the first day of school!

I think about you guys all the time. I love you all so so much! I cant wait to be in Argentina in 2 days. :) you will all be in my prayers always!

Love, Elder Lawrence
 This was last P-Day! We went to this place called Burger Supreme. It was the bomb!!! :)

 It was pouring rain up here the other day... So we went and took a picture in the rain!!! it was awesome. :)

Pretty sure we almost saw heaven here at West Campus!! ;) the clouds were soo awesome on this day!

Me and Elder Cahoon. :)
 Holy presents!!! :) Thank you guys sooo much! I loved it all!!! :)

 Your wrapping paper went to good use! haha We gave Hermano Avilia a present! His wife is due on August 14th and Elder Hansens mom sent him some baby clothes that had an argentina flag on them to give to Hermano Avilia. :) He loved it!!!

 Me and Sister Behunin. :) oh and Elder Hansen being weird in the corner haha!

 We got reassigned!!!!! I am going to New Zealand and Elder Hansen is going to somewhere in Russia!!! haha Just kiddingggg. :)

 Here is the real picture. :) Mendoza and Cordoba. :)

 Me and the companion being thugs. :)

 Me and the District Leader Elder Shields. :)

 Me and Elder Hansen at our pre P-day party! It looks like we are drinking!!! hahaha :) 
Dont worry its just creme soda and apple beer haha :)

Just saying goodbye to the Provo Temple for the last time for 2 years haha. :)

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