Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 10, 2014

Hola!!! :) how are you all doing?? :) It sounds like you guys had a great week last week!!! 
Happy 25th Anniversary! I hope you guys had fun on your little anniversary trip. that is so cool you guys have been married that long! :) So as you can see I am writing Wednesday and not Tuesday...that's because Me, Elder Cahoon, and two other new missionaries in San Rafael had to go to Mendoza Centro Monday after Zone Conference and fill out our paper work for our visas!! it is little over a 3 hour drive from San Rafy... So here is our day yesterday... Wake up, sign like two pieces of paper, get our finger prints done, get on a bus and go back to San Rafy. THATS IT!!!! haha we had to sit on a bus for 6 hours just for that!! haha but it wasn't too bad because I got to sit next to Elder Cahoon on the way there and back. :) but we heard some sad news when we were there... Elder Christensen went home this week... he has to get surgery or something, it makes me sad cause he was like one of my best buds at the MTC! :(

Everything is great here!! Me and Elder Connolly are getting some major work done. :) A lot happened this week! I asked one of our investigators (his name is Oscar) to be baptized! He said he knows he needs to be baptized in the church but he didn't want to say a date yet. I am super stoked for him and I know he will be baptized soon! :)

Zone Conference was good too! it was great seeing president and sister Goates! I got to talk to them a little, he just asked how the spanish was coming and they wished me happy birthday and sang this funny song to me and a couple other missionaries with birthdays kinda close to now!:)

So there is some new rules we got at the Conference... We can no longer baptize 9, 10, or 11 year olds unless we baptize one of the parents as well, or if someone else in the family is an active member. another rule, we aren't supposed to drink as much coke as we all are haha! Me and Connolly don't drink too much, but I know some missionaries that drink a few litters a day! haha :)

That is sooo cool about the new Stake Presidency! President Broadbent is perfect for that!! and Bro. Hatch is a awesome guy!!! that is way exciting news!

So to answer some of your questions... I'm doing great and zone conference was great. :) yes this was my first one! no I didn't get interviewed, but I did get to talk to president just a little! I really like him! He is a super smart guy! 

Yes I am staying healthy! I talked to Hermana Ashby (she is like our nurse lady) and she wrote down the name of the allergy medicine for me to get! she gave me one of the pills too and I feel like it helped me a lot on Monday!! So I will go buy some of those later today. :) There was a bunch of kids asking about allergy medicine too! haha I guess its not just me!!

So we did have a neat experience this last week... So we were getting our hair cut last week in San Rafy Centro, and there was this guy waiting behind us and he didn't really talk to us or anything so it was just whatever, but then we went to Cyber later that day, and he was there too! and we said something about how we all got hair cuts and it was just kinda small talk and that was it... but then a few days later we are walking down a road to go to a Cita, and we hear "Elders!" and he was working on this house that was just a few down from our investigators! so we go and talk to him and we are just talking about how it is crazy how we keep running into him! well it turns out that he doesn't even live in San Rafael but a town close by, he is just working construction on this house. He gives us a tour of the house and we ask him his name and stuff (which is Mario) and he asks about what we are doing here and what not... Well at the end we didn't really give him a lesson, but we asked him if he wanted to come to our church this past Sunday, but he kinda seemed wishy washy about saying yes, but he said yeah... well he totally came to church!!! it was way cool that he actually came!!! We our going to try and teach him lessons now because he seemed like he liked church! :) I thought that was a cool little experience that I thought I would share with you guys. :)

I feel like San Rafael is pretty safe! it might just be because we are missionaries, but I feel super safe all the time. :)

Oh guess what!!! I got a letter from Grandma this past week!!! and I got a letter from Grandpa Sinclair! He sent me the coolest medallion thing that is like an Army of Heleman Coin!! it was sooo amazing to get letters from them!!! I will have to tell them how grateful I am for them and all that they do. :)

Well I sure am grateful for all you guys do for me. :) don't worry about me to much mom, I think that you do. ;) Tell Kamrie to try to get some more sleep, because that used to happen to me! I would make myself sick from lack of sleep!!! Wow that is so awesome about Ethan being way good at golf! haha he needs to play Tennis and Golf during High School for sure!!! he would be way good!! 

Well I love you guys sooooo much!! keep having good weeks in Hurricane ok. :) I cant believe how much I'm growing on the mission! I am learning soooo much!! not just spanish wise, but spirtually!!! I love it! I love you guys soo much. :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

We painted a members house this week!! It was cool getting into my P-day clothes when it wasn't even P-day. :) haha!

 We look like giants compared to the old ladies here! haha they are both members and are so amazing and always feed us the BEST food! :) 

 Just a cute little puppy that belongs to the members whose house we painted. :) 

Just trying to follow in dads footsteps and become a pro crepe maker!!! haha they turned out more like pancakes, but it was soo good!! We made crepes after we broke our fast this past Sunday

The after result of our crepes! It is crepes with peaches and dulce de leche and powder sugar! Sooo good!!! :)

Just me and the comp taking a quick break in this little park that is right next to our house!

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