Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Hola mi familia!! ¿como esta? ¿como le va? todo bien?? 

No but seriously how are you guys doing?? :) This was literally the fastest week of my life! haha I really just barely had P-day so I probably wont have too much to write! But it was such a good week! I am loving San Rafael so dang much, I will be sad if I get transferred anytime soon! haha

So this past Friday and Saturday I got to go on intercambios (exchanges) with our zone leaders! Elder Connolly went with Elder Ferrin to there area, and I went with Elder Rojas and stayed in our area! Elder Rojas is from Pueblo, Mexico and doesn't speak to much english haha!! It was way cool to get to do intercambios! It was kinda scary having to stay in my own area, because I had to plan everyone that we would be teaching those days and who we would talk to and whatever, but it turned out great! I was surprised that everyone whose house we went by was home and let us in! so we taught a bunch of great lessons! Another thing about Elder Rojas, he is WAY good at opening the mouth to people on the street!! He can just talk to anyone and he is not scared at all! He had me open the mouth to a bunch of people and he showed me his ways and now I'm basically a pro at talking to people on the streets! :)

So something cool that my companion is doing right now, Elder Connolly's visa expired a little while ago, and right now him, and like 30 other missionaries, are on there way to Chile, Santiago just so they can say they have left the country and will be able apply for a new travel visa!! they are sooo lucky!!! Not to many of the missionaries have to do this here, just lucky ones! ;) 

So right now I am in a tri-companionship with Elder Cahoon and Elder Kidman! I got to spend the night at there pench last night!! and there pench is definitely a lot nicer then ours, but I definitely like our area more then theirs, so that's all that matters! haha :)

So to answer some of your questions... We receive letters at every zone meeting which is once a month, so I will probably receive your letters at this next one! it just depends on when the letters get to the office and whatever... and about packages, my companion said that we can receive packages, its just that there is a chance it might not get here! But Elder Connolly has received every package that his parents have sent to him (which was 5 or 6 packages) So yeah! :)

Yes I got some allergy pills! but for some reason I haven't got allergies like at all this past week and I haven't been taking the medicine! haha I think I just get allergies super early in the season and then it goes away!! haha so that's good though. :)

So Mario is an awesome guy! it is just super hard to teach him cause he works off his own hours and we never really know when he is going to be working on the house! We try to go by, but usually no one is there! But yeah we are still going to try to talk to him. :)

My spanish is definitely coming along!!! I spoke so much this past week its not even funny haha! But yeah, they give us an hour every day to study the language and I definitely use my full hour! haha I read so much of The Book of Mormon in spanish! I really think that helps me learn spanish! and Elder Connolly showed me this talk from Gordon B. Hinkley that says if you read the Book of Mormon in your mission language, when you finish, you will be able to understand the language completely! So that is what I am aiming for! :)

Well you guys sound like you are all doing great!! I hope you are really liking your job and everything! Sounds like Kamrie is super busy 24/7!!! haha I love hearing from you all! :) I love you guys so dang much and I am so grateful for such an amazing family!!! 

I love you all sooo MUCH! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

 This is Elder Ireland!! He is the first missionary I know to complete the mission in Mendoza, Argentina! He goes home at the end of this transfer! (Which is next Monday... Can you believe I have already been here for 6 weeks?)
Oh yeah, and he looks exactly like Johnny Payne!!! I told him that haha!

This past Saturday was like national service day in Argentina! We painted this huge school! haha it was way cool and our whole district was there painting too! :)

 Just me and Elder Connolly with Elder Scott (from Gilbert, AZ) and Elder Castillo (from Buenos Aires) at the service project!!!

 Just chilling in this freshly painted room. :) haha

 No one wants to rob me here, because I look like a gangster (When its raining and freezing here at the same time). :D

Just walking down the calle with Elder Cahoon and his companion Elder Kidman! It was awesome that I got to spend the night with them and see their area!!!

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