Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Mom!!! I am great! another solid week! I thought this week would drag on but it went by way fast!!! sounds like everyone is doing pretty great and that makes me way happy! :)

Ethan sounds like he is doing good with school and tennis and golf! I hope he becomes a pro tennis star someday like me. ;) and Kamrie reminds me so much of me! hahaha saying that my grades will go up! haha wow and Bryson even reminds me of how I would just eat out like everyday!! haha I freaking love all you guys and how I am reminded of how I use to be with my bad habits ;)

So this was a way good week! We got a ward mission leader!!! and he is the coolest dude ever!! His name is Santiago! He served his mission in Mendoza like 15 years ago! He met his wife in San Rafael! haha crazy huh?? its kinda a weird story, He actually was way good friends with her brother while he was on the mission, but after the mission he came and met her or something... haha but yeah he is the bomb! He speaks english too!!! He lived in Idaho for like 10 years with his wife!! but yeah he was telling us that he knows he is supposed to be here now and he doesn't know why because he loved Idaho! haha But we are super lucky to have him as a ward mission leader! 

So to answer some of your questions... I am doing great! I literally love San Rafael and I feel super blessed to be getting trained here!! 

So you know how you gave me a recipe for the cookies last week... SOO GOOD!!! haha It totally smelled and just reminded me so much of your cookies! We had to search for chocolate chips for like 2 hours on P-day last week! haha one store sent us to a different store of theirs, which told us to go to this fancy chocolate store, which sent us to some little party shop thing, and they had chocolate chips!!!! whooo!!! :) haha but yeah cool story to go with this... We ended up giving like all the cookies away! We gave them to the families that always feed us every week! They were soo happy when we brought them by last night. :) I am super grateful for the members in our barrio!!! 

Our investigators are good! We got 2 new progressing investigators this week!! I love when investigators come to church!!!!!! I feel like we work super hard all week and our work shows by when our investigators and less active members come to church! its super sad when investigators tell you they will come to church and then just don't show... like they can just tell us they aren't going this week! haha 

We didn't knock to many doors this week... We always abrir la boca (open the mouth) at least a few times a day... because that's like the least we can do! if investigators aren't home, at least you can still talk to people on the streets! :)

Well wow what a week! that is way cool Hurricane beat Dixie!!! I love that!!! and I loved that picture with you and Zach!!!! I miss that kid! we email a bunch but he is super busy with school and he has a bunch of hard classes (the opposite of me senior year haha!) but yeah I love that kid!!

Man that is super sad about Kody... I love that kid soooo much and I pray for him so much every day... when I found out the news about Kody, it reminded me of a scripture. Its 1 Nephi 11:16-17 an angel is talking to Nephi and is asking him questions (I only have it in spanish with me right now so I might ruin it haha!) but yeah it says "what is the condescenion (means like reasoning) of God?" and Nephi answers "I know that God loveth his children, never the less, I do not know the meaning of all things" That's just kinda saying we don't know the reasons for why bad things happen or why certain things are... but God loves us!! He knows exactly where we should be and when, even when we don't know why... So I hope Kody knows that I love him and that God loves him! and its Gods will and not his! I love that kid so much! I hope I can still room with him in 2 years at UVU ;)

Well I am running out of time!!! I love you guys soo much! Thank you for everything and all the support that you have for me! I hope you guys have a great week! I pray for you guys always! I pray that dad won't be super stressed as he gets into the busy season at work haha! I love you guys so much!! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

 Just wearing my baptism socks because I always am down to the last pair by the end of the week! haha! :)

 This is what my shoes look like by the end of every day!!! haha I love these shoes though! favorite pair for sure. :)

 Just making some cookies!! sooo good. :)

 more from making cookies. :)

I got some Argentine clothes last P-Day! I got the Jersey for 100 pesos... which is like 8 bucks! haha and then I got the sweats for 150 pesos! Literally every kid wears these type of sweats around here.. and all the cool missionaries have them! haha :) all the missionaries call them "poop pants" and I think you can see why. ;)

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