Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

Hola! how are you all doing?? :) Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good! Everything is great here!!! I cannot believe its already P-day!!! I love mondays! I love hearing from you guys!!! you guys make my week always. :) Sounds like you guys have a pretty quiet house without Bryson around haha! ;)

This week went really fast! oh something funny, So I was reading Tysons email about how he saw some kid peeing in the street, and I thought that was super funny! But that same day I saw a kid pee in the street!!! I laughed so hard because it reminded me of Tyson and his mission! I love writing Tyson and Lincoln and Kody! they all sound like they are doing great and they are all soo funny!!! 

So guess what... I gave not 1... but 2 blessings this week!!! yeah, in Spanish!!! hahaha I was sooo nervous! my hands were probably really sweaty and cold on there heads so I feel bad for them, but good for them at the same time because they are getting a blessing!! :) haha! Yeah the first blessing was for this member whose back was killing her... she couldn't get out of bed... So I anointed her with the oil... But the second person.... oh my gosh... It was this old lady that wasn't a member.. and she got bit by a dog on her leg, and her leg was completely purple and red and black and looked sooo bad! it was like the grosses thing I've seen... But it was awesome because we taught her the first lesson and taught her about faith and how important faith is before we gave her the blessing. she was super thankful for us! she said we can come back and teach her more someday... but yeah her leg is really gross haha.

Wow thats awesome you guys sold goldie! I will miss her... haha! that is sad about Kyle. :( I love that kid! I hope everything works out for him! and wow Paige is engaged!! thats crazy. She sent Jared some pictures and he showed me! haha wow that is crazy stuff...

So to answer some of your questions...
I'm doing great!!! the only thing that we kinda forgot, it is spring time here, so allergies is totally kicking my butt!!! haha yeah all the trees and stuff are coming to life so I sneeze a million times a day... Im totally fine, I just have some itchy eyes and a stuffy nose. haha :) I take all those pills still haha dont worry. :)

My feet are doing good!!! They use to hurt pretty bad, but now it seems like they are just use to it! haha I love it now that they don't hurt. :) 

Yes everyone does siesta here!!! haha once the clock hits 2:00, everyone is off the streets and everything is closed!! haha its crazy. No one will answer there door either. So what all the missionaries do here is we just go back to our pench and do our studies and stuff like that! its actually pretty nice to get a quick break in the afternoon to study spanish and what not!

So about the withdrawl from the bank... My companion was telling me that it is super expensive to get money out of the bank here, So he told me to just get $100 out right now and whenever I need it, I will have it, because no one accepts credit cards here. So it was about $13 dollars extra to get that out, haha that is pretty expensive! Yeah I haven't spent any of my personal money yet... but it should last me a long time! you dont have to put anymore money into my account for a few months... probably like around christmas time you will! haha :)

The weather is great here!! it looks like it is going to rain here alot but it never does during the day! it rains at night though! its pretty nice to listen to on our super thin roof haha :) 

Volaria and Valintina are doing good!! they just make me mad sometimes... like they will be way excited and we ask them to come to church with us and they say yes, So we go to pick them up yesterday morning, and they said they were to tired to go! they didn't even answer the door! they just text us and said they were to tired. So yeah I don't get them sometimes! haha

Well it sounds like the weather is great there and everything is going pretty great!! I hope you guys know I love you soo much! Thank you so much for the book of pictures you gave me for my birthday! literally everyone asks to see pictures of our families! I always tell them about how Bryson served in Mexico and he is wearing a jersey in one of the pictures and they always say something about that! haha 

I love you guys so dang much! I hope you guys have a great week! Just know that we are super lucky to live in such a beautiful place and have the gospel in our lives! We shouldn't take that for granted. I love you guys! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

Oh p.s. I wont be writing you til next tuesday. We are having Zone Conference next monday! its going to be awesome to see President and sister Goates again! :) I love them. So yeah just a heads up. :)

 This is what the place looked like that we went to last P-day!! Not sure if I am in Argentina or Southern Utah?¿?

 Just me and Elder Cahoon chilling in front of a giant dam and this cool waterfall thing! Its so weird that I am like 6,000 miles from home, but here I am with a best friend from the same small town as me! :)

 Selfie with Elder Cahoon from pretty high up on the side of the dam! :) haha

 Just chilling on the top of the dam with Elder Cahoon and his companion Elder Kidman! :)
 Just me and my companion Elder Connolly in front of the dam! I love this kid. He has been such a great trainer for me! :)

 These are my zone leaders Elder Ferrin and Elder Rojas! They are the coolest! this is like there second to last transfer! Doesn't that look soo much like Southern Utah though? 

Me and my companion in front of some grape vines! Pretty soon these will all be covered in grapes! :)

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