Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

Hello family!!! :) I am doing great! My new area is amazing!!!! it is HUGE!!! and when I say huge I mean beyond huge! haha We could take a bus for hours and still be in our area! it is called Albardon! it is beautiful and way close to the mountains! this mission is at the very top of the entire mission... it boarders the Cordoba mission and Chiles mountains! haha Everyone tells me that this area is the closest I will ever get to home while on my mission. Our area is split into 2 and we share it with two other elders! there pench is like two houses away from ours! its way sick! 

My comp is the bomb!!! He is from Oakland, California but he speaks Tongan and English and now Spanish!!! haha He has 13 kids in his family! his parents adopted a few of the cousins because the parents left their lives... He has had quite the crazy past! He has changed sooo much from his life before the mission its crazy! I will just tell you all about this stuff on Skype!! 

Speaking of Skype... everything is good to go! I logged on and it was working! So heck yeah! We have a family to Skype with! I havent meet them really so I hope it all works out at there house! What time are you guys wanting to skype at? my comp said we can call the night before and verify if we need to.. but I am thinking about skyping about 2:00 or 3:00 here... so it will be a little earlier in the morning for you guys! Just tell me what you are thinking! 

Well I got some good news... We have a baptism this next Saturday!!! whooo my first baptism! :) It is a little girl and her name is Silvana! She is part of a part member family and her brother got home from his mission the same day I got transfered here and He called us and told us that he wanted us to start teaching her the lessons... Well we placed a date with her for this next Saturday! My comp is way excited and so am I! :) Man the people here are super ready for the gospel! We have taught sooo many lessons these past few days! We also have talked to 2 other people about baptism and they both want to be baptized but dont have a fecha (date) yet! But I am just loving it here soo much! :)

Well there is a ton of stuff I could say but I think I am just going to save it all for Skype!!! I am wayyy excited!!! :) I hope it all works out! 

So we actually have the christmas party tomorrow!!! this week is a party week! haha 

Well I could say alot more but yeah I will just save it all! haha I love you guys sooo much and will talk to you soon! I cant wait to see all your cute faces! haha whooo Skype!!! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

                                                           One last picture of the old zone all together! 

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