Monday, December 1, 2014

5 Months already?!?

Hey hey family! how are you guys doing?? I am doing great! It looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving! I loved all the pictures and seeing the family all together! Thanksgiving is definitely different here haha... just a lot of sitting around and drinking mate... Have I told you about mate yet? haha its the weirdest drink ever and everyone just drinks it all day, every day, hot outside, or cold! I don't even know how to explain it haha just look up mate on google images or something. It use to taste way gross to me, but now its way good haha. :)

Wow I miss going Black Friday shopping! I remember how we would always go see a movie as a family after Thanksgiving! How was Mockingjay?? I have only seen one poster for it! haha so I don't know if its good or anything!

Wow I hope Makaylee and Brooke don't quit cheer! geez that's crazy and Gonnie is crazy! haha I'm glad Kamrie tries to cheer Makaylee up. :)

Well to answer some of your questions... San Rafy is doing good!! Some Hermana's had a baptism this past week! This was the first baptism in San Rafy since before I got here in August! We took a recent convert to the baptism and we also tried to take Natali, but something came up and she couldn't go. :(

Yeah I had a good week this past week! at the end of the week, it feels like it went fast, but during the week, it has been going pretty slow!! haha i think its just going slow because Elder Connolly is going home, so the time seems to be dragging on for him, which is making it drag on for me! haha

We had our missionary activity again last night and it went wayyy good! We had two less active families go and 2 investigators! sometimes I feel like less actives are harder to get to church then investigators sometimes,So its always great to see them come to activities and what not! :)

Mom don't worry about me not getting the Christmas package! haha its totally not a big deal. :) I still haven't got this last package out of holding, but hey when I do, I will just open it like its my Christmas present! haha :) 

I am way excited to skype on Christmas too!!! I have my doubts about staying here as well, I cant see them keeping me and Elder Connolly together for almost 4 whole transfers haha... but hey, we will see what happens!!

So we are going somewhere sweet today for P-day!!! We are going to this place called Los Reyunos! it is sooo pretty rumor has it, you should look up some pics of it or something! yeah, we are also going on a tour of a Bodega! its going to be sweet to tour one of these big wine companies and walk through the vineyards! all the grapes are starting to come to life now! :)

Thank you for sending me a Ranch packet!!! hahaha I am soo stoked for it!!

I feel like there is something I am forgetting to tell you guys! haha if I remember I will just tell you later I guess! 

Well, I'm grateful you keep me in your prayers! I am super happy I haven't got sick or anything yet! That is super sad about that kid in Snow Canyon! :( I will keep him in my prayers for sure!! I am very grateful for my health! You guys are in my prayers always too! I love you guys so much and I am so grateful for everything you guys do for me! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Elder Lawrence

 Just a throw-back picture... I miss seeing Elder Cahoon in cyber every week!!! We took this pic in the cyber one of his last weeks here!

The mountains looked sweet because they were covered with clouds!!! ...... Just kidding its just clouds, but I thought it looked sweet. :)
Happy Thanksgiving! We were super poor on Thanksgiving Day because it was the last week of the month, so we made some "arroz chaufa" instead! Its peruvian food! One of Elder Connolly's old companions taught him, and then he taught me! Sooo good!

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