Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

Hola mi familia!!! how are you all doing?? I am doing pretty good! it was a little tough of a week this week! I don't know why but we just couldn't get into many houses this week! :( but hey its ok, I am doing really good still :)

Mom go check out I totally made it on the main page!!! its in an article about D Todd Christofferson coming to Argentina!!! haha its way cool! :) That's cool you guys got to hear from him at the Christmas devotional! they didn't let us go to the Christmas Devotional last night because it was at 9:00! But I hope it was good. :)

I am glad your lesson in relief society went well!! that's great to hear! :) and it sounds like Bryson, Kamrie and Ethan are all doing good! I love and miss them all and I hope I can have an awesome close relationship with them all when I get home!!! :)

Mom I will put some sun block on my nose this week! It has been wayyy hot this past week! and our house is like a little oven I swear! haha it absorbs all the heat!!!

Cool little story about what we are doing this P-day! So a couple weeks ago I was on intercombios (exchanges) with Elder Holmstead in Cerrito (which is the area we use to cover with our original area too)... Well Elder Holmstead was having me open the mouth and just talking to some random people about the church, well I opened the mouth with this young young family with two little kids and they seemed super interested... Well now they have gone to church once and to another different activity! and they invited the elders of cerrito and us over to there house today for there daughters birthday party! We are going to have an asado and birthday cake! haha I am way excited! how cool would it be if they got baptized someday??? just from me talking to them about the church for the very first time! 

We had a couple investigators go to church this past week! There is this girl, her name is Damares (I don't know how to spell it sorry) but she is an investigator that always goes to church with this awesome family in our ward! she has gone 5 Sundays in a row now, but the only thing is, is she is only 10 years old... so the only way we could baptize her is if we baptized the parents first... which is a little tough with her parents lets just say... but hey maybe someday! :)

Well today is a holiday here so the cyber closes in like 20 minutes and I haven't wrote anyone else back! So I hope you guys know how much I love you and think about you! I hope you guys all have a great week! I will try to send a couple pictures so hopefully they work! love you guys!

Love, Elder Lawrence

Sooo much wine!!!! haha

Just the gang of us Elders out front of the Bianchi winery and vineyard!!!

Los Reyunos was gorgeous!!!!!

 I sent this to all my best buds and said "hope you guys enjoy the view" hahaha 

The whole gang at Los Reyunos!

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