Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

Hola mama y familia! 
    It was sooo great to skype with you guys! its crazy how fast the time went!!! but I loved every minute of it! you guys all looked great too! :) I can tell my testimony has grown sooo much too! I love it!! :)

Its great to hear that you guys had a great Christmas! I loved seeing all the Christmas colors and what not! Nothing down here shows that it was Christmas time at all!!! It's sooo crazy to me still that it is summer right now for me and winter for you guys! Every night it is so hot and humid that I go to bed sweaty and I wake up the exact same!! haha its not to fun! but hey I love this new area so its all good. :)

I am jealous that you guys went to the yummy taco place!!! that sounds way good! So I guess it is dangerous for us to leave the pench on new years eve day, but we are doing a big feast with the other elders! we are doing a Mexican new years eve!!! I cant wait! :)

So everything went perfect with the baptism! We were at the church all day preparing for it! I was super happy how it all turned out and the spirit was super strong! My favorite part of it all was that I was able to stand in the circle when she was confirmed a member of the church! the spirit was really strong and I was just so grateful for that opportunity that I had! I will never forget that day! :)

So the last few days have been good! It's definitely harder to get into houses with Christmas happening and New Years Eve too! But we taught a really good lesson last night about faith to this member family and they had a cousin over and we talked to her and she wants us to pass by her house too!

Hey I have a challenge I want you guys to do... and I am dead serious... it can be your new years resolution or something... but I want you guys to start and finish the Book of Mormon before I get home! You have a year and a half! I promise you all that you will see a difference in your lives when you read that you will all be happier and be able to feel the spirit more!

I am super grateful to be in such an amazing area where I can feel the spirit so much! I am grateful for the chance I had to talk to you guys! I love you guys so much! thanks for always being there for me! I hope you guys have a fun New Year! Be safe! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

 Just preparing the waters of baptism! It was so dirty you would not believe it! 

Silvana and the whole family right before the baptism! :)

 Best day ever! :)
 This means baptism but I also like to think of it like we are putting her onto the right path to the celestial kingdom! :)

 Celebrating our baptism with some Ice cream!!! :)

 This is me and my brother (the other Elder that Elder Connolly trained) just saying goodbye to our dad one last time! 

 Check out that good looking family. :)

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