Monday, March 2, 2015

8 Months!!!!!!

Hello family!!!
I am doing really good! We had another really awesome week and we got 14 lessons with member again!! It really is crazy to me how fast the time is flying! I cant believe its almost the 4th semester for Kamrie and them! Because I left in the summer before school even started! Yeah the mission life sure is flying by!

That's good you got your Relief Society lesson over with! haha It stresses me out sometimes when I have to teach in the gospel principals class! but yesterday we had a cool experience teaching the class! at the very end of class we asked everyone if any of them would like to share their testimony of prayer and we had this sister share an experience of this time when her and her son were driving on her moped (her son was like 8) and she was going to fast on a turn and she slid out on the moped and crashed really hard... right after it happened she felt fine and only had some scratches on her but when she looked over at her son, he was unconscious laying on the ground, and she freaked out and didn't know what to do! but then she thought to pray. so she said she knelt down and put her face to the road right next to her son and prayed that everything would be alright and that her son would be alright, and right after she ended her prayer, she heard the ambulances coming and when they got to the hospital the son gained consciousness and everything was alright with him! It was such a spiritual class and we had 4 investigators in the class and 2 of them cried! it was amazing for our investigators to be there! (we had 5 investigators come to church this week! 3 from the family Flores!)

I am glad Hurricane finally got some rain and snow! I have been praying that you guys would get some! and wow Krushurz didn't do too good this week! haha that's funny but hey they just need to practice a lot more!

Bryson got a new car?!? that is a wayyy sick car! it looks way nice so I hope it last a long time! Bryson is throwing out the big bucks! 

To answer some of your questions... Yes we are still working with the young men! this past Saturday we played tennis and ping-pong with them but that means this Saturday we are going to do service probably. 

So yep 3 of the sisters in the family Flores have attended church twice! we are going to start talking more about baptism with them this week and see what they think! We also had lunch again with them yesterday! sooo good!!!

I think on my mission I have been doing alot of the planting of seeds! Baptisms would be awesome but I am way happy when I find new people to teach and find people who are actually really interested in the gospel! This mission has changed a lot, we are focused a lot on reactivating, baptizing, and retaining!

We aren't doing anything today for P-day!  We just got payed today so I think we are going to go do a lot of shopping! This past week I have lived off of noodles with no butter haha because I cant afford it! but hey now I can. :)

I can't tell the weather is starting to change here! The trees aren't really changing colors yet, but the mornings are colder now and at night its getting cold! I am really looking forward to winter! Its easier for me to get warm when its cold than it is for me to get cold when I am hot!

We just know that everything is going great here! I am loving this area and all the people here! I think I might get transferred this Sunday just because I love the area so much! haha but thank you guys for all of the love and support always! I always look forward to your emails first. :) I love you all sooooo much!!!! Chau!

Love, Elder Lawrence

 Last picture of the District before Elder Wengert (top left) and Elder Rivera (far right) go home!

 Chau 1 year for Elder Perez!

 We performed surgery on Elder Perez foot last night! haha he has a way hard core ingrown toenail. He doesn't think we got it all so we might call the nurse (Hermana Ashby) tonight and have to go to Mendoza Centro tomorrow or somethin for surgery!

Getting a ride home last night from some members! This is Milagros. I always tell her that Ethan is her boyfriend haha they all think E-dog is way cute from the picture book I have! (also check out how the car is falling apart)

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