Saturday, March 14, 2015

March 14, 2015

Hello family! Its been awesome here in the offices!!!! Such a different type of missionary work!! but hey I have been loving it so that's good. :)

Wow that is a million questions mom haha but here it goes...

So my responsibilities as Secretary are that I am over all of TrĂ¡mites (paperwork) and travels. We send all the missionaries home from the mission and we bring all the new missionaries in. We also make sure everyone has a ticket to their new area and everyone gets on their bus... That is basically what I have been doing all this week! and I have liked it a lot. :) its not too overwhelming but Elder Willard said this was a pretty chill week of transfers.

So there is 8 office elders in our mission and we all have different callings... There is a 1 pensionista (over our housing),1 historiador (over baptisimal records), 2 assistants to the President, 2 financieros (which is Elder Trelease, who happens to be sitting right behind me right now, and his companion who he is training right now is Elder Mortensen who is from my group too!) so 8 months is a pretty common amount of time to go into the offices, I think. And then there is me and my companion and we are just specifically the Secretary! 

Yes we work pretty close to President Goates... I have seen him everyday this week but it might be a little different now that transfers and stuff are over.

Elder Willard is awesome! He is from the group right before me (so he has 10 months in the mission right now) I actually knew him before the mission from instagram! haha! but yeah he is a way good guy and I have already learned a ton from him.

So we probably have the coolest pench in the mission... It can sleep like a million extra missionaries haha but yeah its really nice and all 8 of us sleep in it! there are three bathrooms in it and its 3 stories tall! 

We have been eating really good here recently because of the new missionaries coming and things like that, they feed them and we get everything left over.

Yes we still go tracting and stuff like that. We always try to leave the office by 4:00 and then anything after that is for investigators and normal missionary work.

That's funny that you ask if I will use my spanish much here in the offices and if I might forget it.... I answer sooooooooooo many calls from all the Zone Leaders and tons of missionaries and people with buses and things like that and all of it is in Spanish... if anything, I feel like I will learn so much more here in the Offices!

Yes I will be in the offices for the next 6 months! I will be trained for the next month and a half, and then be alone for 3 months, and then train someone new for my last month and a half!

And for your final question... Yes I will be driving now! And yes I will need and international driving permit and some things to do that... Elder Willard will call you sometime this week and will help you get that all figured out!

Its great to see that you guys had a awesome time in Las Vegas!!! That sure does look like fun! :) That's crazy that Jeff Last is married now. 

I wonder where Jayden will go on his mission?!?! probably somewhere crazy! 

Well family, everything is great here!!! I have been loving it here in the offices!!! It has been pretty intense but hey it really is great! If I missed anything just let me know! I will definitely have more time to write you next Saturday! We are going to get some peruvian food and go bowling! It's great to see that you are all doing so well! I love you guys soo much! :) 


 One of my last days in San Juan! I learned to make empanadas with some members! 

Only got to say bye to half of the family Flores but I sure do miss them a lot! I really think someday soon they will be baptized. :)

Chau chau Elder Perez take care of Albardon!!! haha

 Something cool that happened! everyone and their trainer in the offices (except the assistant's to the President) happened to be in the offices all at the same time!  
We played some soccer this morning! and also I got a new Jersey!

So part of my job is making sure all the old missionaries get on the plane... so here is me and my companion with Elder Wengert right before he went home!

Wayyyy good Peruvian food we had for lunch today! 

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