Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 21, 2015

Hey Hey Fam bam! how are you guys doing?? I hope you are all doing good! and from what it sounds like is that you all had a good week! I had a really good week too! super jammed pack week, but it was still really good!

That's awesome Kamrie made cheer team! I totally knew she would, but still that is awesome! and wow I am really glad I don't have to go through running for Exec ever again!  It was way fun but way stressful too. I cant believe that was 2 years ago! wow!

That's awesome that Jayden is going to Korea! That is going to be a hard language to learn! haha because you have to re-learn the alphabet first!!! yikes!

Wow Kristine Cram is already home!? that was way fast and I cant believe Stetson is home in just a few weeks too! that is way crazy to me... it's also good to hear that Seiver is doing really good!

Haha Kody sent me a bunch of pictures from inside our house! that's funny that they came over for a little! I will tell them they can do that when ever. :)

Wow E-dog is almost 13!!!! that's crazy!!!! He is getting way old! Tell him I say Happy Birthday!!!

Sounds like you guys are doing good! We had a good week here in the offices! This week was the week of all the Zone Conferences, so we had to pre-plan all the bus rides for everyone to get to their Zone Conference. It wasn't too stressful because everyone ended up getting on their right buses! 

So with my job as Secretary, we work with people who live in Buenos Aires, they help us if we have problems with missionaries not being legal in Argentina, they also help us get a lot of the paper work for missionaries to become legal... Well this past Thursday and Friday they flew into Mendoza and stayed with us all day to make sure we were doing our job right and make sure we had all the paperwork organized for the missionaries... well we found out this past Monday that they were coming and we were both pretty super nervous about them coming!  We talk to them at least once a day on the phone, but my companion had never met them once in all of his time in the offices... Well it turns out that they are SUPER nice! they came here and were just super happy to be able to be with us! They helped us figure out some stuff that we were confused about, so that was good! They also took us to a way fancy restaurant on Thursday and they bought us a treat before they flew back to Buenos Aires. Over all, it was a way good experience!!!

So yesterday Elder Willard wasn't feeling good (he thinks it was from the fancy restaurant) and so was Abel (one of our main boss people from Buenos Aires) and Elder Willard didn't think he felt good enough to go to Migrations (this building we go to that makes missionaries legal) So what ended up happening was that me and Elder Castillo went to Migrations by ourselves and I did his paper work without Elder Willard! It was only my 3rd time ever going to Migrations so I was pretty nervous! but it turned out really good! I had no problems and I felt comfortable with all the Spanish people were speaking to me!

Also something cool about Migrations is that all the people there are foreigners... so there are tons of people there from Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, and even some people from the United States, all trying to become legal in Argentina... Well we were sitting there waiting in line waiting for our turn and there are 2 girls sitting pretty close to me that look kinda European and I listen to their Spanish and it was super gringa!  I could tell it wasn't their first language... well I built up all the courage I have and I ask them (in Spanish) "where are you both from?" and they reply (in Spanish) "the United States" and i was like (in English) "hey me too! haha" well it turns out they are from Ohio and they are here for 6 months just to learn Spanish! they had only been here for a month so their Spanish wasn't the best but they were way cool and they asked me tons of questions, why I was here and stuff so I gave them a big spill about the church and our purpose and all of that! It was way cool and afterwords I gave them a pass along card with our number on it so it was a cool experience for sure! way different talking about the gospel in English!!! 

Well that's all I got for today, busy week but super good. I love you guys tons and I am grateful for all the love and support you have for me! I am way happy here in the offices! such an awesome experience! Have a good week in Hurricane!! :)

Elder Lawrence
MisiĆ³n Argentina Mendoza

 Just driving in the car to the airport this past Wednesday, we had to go pick up the new Senior couple! Elder Trelease is from Salt Lake Valley and Elder Mortensen (his companion/new financiaro) is from Willard, Utah.

 These are our bosses from Buenos Aires! He kinda looks like the teacher Boyd Prince from high school! haha

The present that we got from our bosses!

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