Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 28, 2015

Hey Hey family! how are you all doing?? This was for sure a crazy fast week! I am doing really good here! It is finally getting cold here! we had 2 big thunderstorms this week, and ever since it has been pretty cold! We have had our sweaters on everyday! 

Sounds like Ethan is busy with baseball right now! That's awesome they won a game yesterday! hopefully they can win again today!! and wow Ethan is official 13! that's way old! I feel like when I come home he is going to have a deep voice and like facial hair!! haha

Wow I wish I could help you with your work with talking to the new student from Mexico! It wouldn't be hard for me to communicate with her. That's awesome you guys help her a bunch though to learn English! I can imagine how tough that would be to teach math to someone who doesn't speak your language.

Wow Ethan is such a little missionary! that is an awesome story! and that is way cool how Bro Wiley shared it in Sacrament meeting! Ethan is a boss!

Thank you for sending my International drivers license! I will be driving a truck so I have to learn stick! I am pretty excited! Elder Willard learned stick in the mission so I feel like I will be fine.

That's awesome that Thomas Christiansen is the new student body president!!! I swear he is way too young but wow! I remember playing second base with him my sophomore year! he is an awesome kid!

Man I swear Bryson comes home every week? haha that is awesome! How has he been liking UVU?? He needs to fill me in about it?? Like how are the classes and teachers and girls! haha!

That is so cool about the Arvig's getting their mission call to the Dominican Republic!!! that is awesome! We have an Senior couple coming in soon and they will be the new historians of our mission! it will be different then just having all of us young Elders here in the offices!

Hey would you happen to have the email address for Jacey Schimbeck?? I totally thought about emailing her the other day but yeah I don't have her email!

No I don't need a new memory card, because I have a memory card and I have all my pictures backed up on that and on my computer, so I should be fine, but thanks though. :)

This was a pretty busy week! I have been working a lot with President because I have been working and setting up buses for all the zone leaders to come to a conference in about a week... Well the day they are all supposed to come into Mendoza, there is going to be a national strike on all the bus companies so there will be no way to get them here... well with a lot of re-scheduling and working with the Assistants to the President, we got it all worked out for them to come and have the conference! :)

Sorry we are leaving right now to go do some shopping in Mendoza Centro, but I have something spiritual I will email to you guys tonight that I am way excited to tell you about! I love you guys so much and I know I am blessed with the perfect family for me! Thank you for always making my day with all the emails and pictures! you guys are the best and you are always in my prayers and I hope you guys have a really good week! :)

Elder Lawrence
MisiĆ³n Argentina Mendoza

 Awesome sunrise looked like the ocean!!!

 Card pick up day! I got your guys cards for Valentines Day! I loved the cards and the candy! :)
...Hey so if you want to send me a package... you should make it within the next 6 months, because we can go pick them up ASAP! The only thing I really really really want is the gel that I used to always use back home (the "got to be glued" one). By the way those are just random cards I'm holding haha they aren't for me.

Today for lunch we had Asado with some members! It was way good and I really love all the members here in my new area! Everyone is so nice!

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