Monday, May 4, 2015

10 Months!!! Double Digits!!!

Hey Fam Bam! How are you all doing?? Wow I swear time goes faster here in the offices!  It totally is almost Mothers Day!!! I can NOT wait to skype with you all!!! That was definitely the highlight of Christmas this past year for me. I can basically skype anytime that works with you! I can call you guys when it is like 1 o'clock there if you want?? I don't know it's up to you, whatever works with your schedule! I cant wait though! :)

Everything is going good here in the offices! Yep it was a really busy week and so will be this following week! Yeah my new companion is so awesome! We are so alike. We did all the same stuff in high school and all of our friends sound the exact same too! 

Elder Zeballos will be coming this Thursday! So I have all the buses rented and everything ready for all the Missionaries to be coming and staying in Hotels in Mendoza Centro. I hope everything works out!!!

So with the taxi driver, he happened to live just out side of our area! So we passed the reference to the other missionaries over there! I'm not sure if they have stopped by to see him yet.

Yes I was involved in the feast of ribs that the Masedas made for us! They were way good! Except me and Elder Mortensen came back from doing tramites and there were only like 2 ribs left! 

That's sweet that E is going on a 50 mile canoe trip! He better be careful!

Hahah that is way funny that Kamrie is getting her wisdom teeth out pretty soon! I remember when I got my wisdom teeth out! that was like the best 2 weeks of my life! You will have to send me a picture or video of her!

So the Hermana that kept the Mendoza Mission blog up to date (Hermana Ashby- Mission Nurse) She finished her mission! and us Elders aren't allowed to update the blog. So I hope that the Warner's will start to update it! that would be awesome.

I'm glad Bryson ended with good grades! Man I really don't want debt when I go to college! I don't know what I will do yet but I will think of something!

Well It was a really solid week here! Its weird, I am really starting to like waking up early. Like the days when I have to wake up before 6:00 or around 6:00 I always feel like I have more energy for some weird reason!  We did super tramites again this week for the Hermanas! Hermanas are so different than the Elders when it comes to tramites! but everything went well. :) Tramites is just when we get a lot of missionaries together at one time to do all of their paperwork to get their visas at one time.

Today for P-day, we just got done playing basketball with everyone and now we are going to a fancy all you can eat buffet! It's the same one I went to with our boss people from Buenos Aires! It's going to be awesome! I will send a bunch of pictures! 

Well, everything is going great here! I definitely cannot wait to skype with all you guys! E dog better not have a way deep voice!  I love you guys very very much too and you are all in my prayers soooo much! Thank you for everything you guys do for me! I love you! :)


Elder Lawrence
Misión Argentina Mendoza 

Lunch today at Caro Pepes with the AP's!

 Elder Perez went up to be a Zone Leader this transfer in San Luis!!! He is a total boss so he will be an awesome Zone Leader for sure... We get to hang out with all the Zone Leaders once a month at this meeting we have called Consejo.

 This is Elder Sandquist and he is the Zone Leader in Maipú right now, he is one of my best friends in the mission! He is going to UVU after the mission too! He also had awesome long hair before the mission haha.

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