Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 9, 2015

Hey my favorite family ever! How are you all doing?? I am doing really good! MOM! I am sooo excited to skype tomorrow! I totally can't believe it's already time to skype again! I would love that if Kody came over for a second to skype too! I just cant wait to see you all. :) yeah 2 pm works perfect for me! I will call you at 5 pm here so yeah that should work out perfect! 

I will keep my letter short because we will be skyping tomorrow. :)

That's crazy that this week went slow to you! It went soooo fast to me! We were super busy with all the stuff for Elder Zeballos, but it turned out way good! Elder Zeballos talk was really good and it was such an honor for him to come visit our mission!

That is funny that cross fit totally kicked your butt, guess what, cross fit is totally popular here in Argentina! I see places that say cross fit on them all the time! I thought that was just a States thing but I guess not! haha

Tell Kams that she totally reminds me of me but in my Senior tell her she still has a couple years till she can act like me!

That is awesome the Gpa is renting a place in Park City for 6 months! you guys should take advantage of that for sure!

I hope you have fun celebrating Mother's Day with Gma! and that sounds like fun all you guys going up to Springdale for dinner tonight!

It was a great week! We had to go on a special task to this really pretty area in our mission! I will send you a couple pictures from it but I will tell you more about it tomorrow! :)

Everything went really smoothly with Elder Zeballos! The only thing that didn't go right for a little bit was that the bus driver for San Luis kinda got lost on the way to the mission conference! It was a little stressful for me, but they ended making it before being late. :)

Well I could say a lot more but I will just save it for tomorrow! I will try to write some questions down or some stuff I want to tell you guys. I cant wait to skype!!! I hope you guys have a fun/safe day today! :) I love you all soooooo veryyyyyy MUCH!!!!


Elder Lawrence
MisiĆ³n Argentina Mendoza

PS...I forgot to tell you! Tomorrow is my companions birthday! He is just turning 19!!! Haha he is so young!  So we are going golfing today for his birthday!!!

 Snow on the Andes

 Our sweet truck and a sweet view we found the other day!

 Left over shades from old Missionaries

Just right before I hit this golf ball into outer space.

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