Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 23, 2015

Hey Family! how are you doing? :) I am doing really good! It was a pretty busy week for me! Wow it totally is summer for all of you guys! I am jealous! It sounds like you guys have some fun stuff coming up too! :) I am way excited for you guys!

I am glad you had a chance to go to the temple this past week! The temple is amazing. We had the opportunity to watch the dedication of the temple in Cordoba, Argentina, and it was amazing! The spirit was beyond strong! It literally is a house of our Lord! and we are only about 7 hours away from it where I am right now! It is such a blessing for all of the people here, to have a temple even closer than ever before.

Ethan is a boss with all of those sports! Its good to hear how good he is doing! 

I miss Bro Matt!! You should tell him do not forget that we are going on a trip with him again to Disneyland after the mission haha! I sure did have a ton of fun in between that little time of school being out and then up to my mission! 

I am excited for Kamrie to get her wisdom teeth out haha. Best 2 weeks of my life!!! Yes tell her to drink a ton of pineapple juice the night before! I didn't swell up or have any bruises!!!

To answer some of your questions, I am doing really good! This was a really good week here. We had a missionary return home because he was having some leg problems and he might be having surgery soon, but we came to be really good friends for about the week and a half that he was living with us in the offices. I know he is going to return and I cant wait till he does!

Elder Cahoon is doing really good! He is already back to his area! His area is a biking area, but I don't think he is allowed to ride a bike for a good little while! 

Yes we did have a busy week here, but we did have some awesome opportunities to leave and go tracting! We have a new investigator!! His name is Ariel Funez and he has 8 kids! His kids are so funny and cute. It's surprising to me, because our area is very rich and tons of tall buildings, but their apartment is so small and messy for all 10 of them. They have kid who is 18 and youngest is 5 or so... but almost all of them sat in and listened to us talk... they have a lot of trials in their lives, but we talked about how the gospel blesses the families, we also invited them to church tomorrow! We also have a lesson with them tonight at 7:30! so wish us luck!:)

This weekend is a holiday here too! Well Monday is, its 25 de Mayo! its kinda like our Independence Day! but yeah everything will be closed for a few days! and man, we sure could use some of that rain here! it looks like its about to rain everyday, but it never does! 

I think about you all a lot too! I can't believe its already been a year ago since I graduated from High School!!! and all the kids from the grade above me will be getting home from their missions soon! How crazy is that? 

Well I love you all soooo dang much. I sure was blessed with the best family ever! I hope you all will have a fun/crazy/safe summer! Can't wait to see the things you all do! Don't worry about me here, its just starting to feel like a really cold summer for me! haha I love you!! Chau!

Elder Lawrence
MisiĆ³n Argentina Mendoza

Got my flu shot Thursday! It was in this like old elementary school building that was turned into a hospital! 
Remember when I use to do Bio-life?? I can't wait to do that after the mission! haha easy money! ;)

 The good old flu shot gang! There was a really nice old lady who worked at the hospital who gave us all the shots for free because she said we are always in the streets and in random peoples houses, so we really need flu shots! 

 Chau chau Hermana Ashby! She was our old Mission Nurse! 

 Chau (for now) Elder Malzl! Such a good guy and missionary! He gave me some awesome american gel right before he left too! haha he is just way nice.

This is Elder Rogers, he is way awesome, he reminds me a ton of Lincoln!!! I want to be comps with him some day.

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