Monday, November 2, 2015

16 Months today!!!!!

Hey Hey family! :) Wow I totally didn't realize that today was my 16 month mark until you reminded me! This past month went wayyy fast! Its weird to me, because I tell other missionaries how much time I have and they think I am like old in the mission! I feel like I just got here! Haha how could I be old!!!

Oh hey, Happy Birthday to Dad!!!! You guys will have to take him to DQ or something tomorrow! I will send him a email too. :)

Me and Elder Landt are doing great!!! It was a solid week!! Argentina doesn't really celebrate Halloween... Like I saw 3 kids dressed up and that was it! They are really lame with holidays here but there is just soo many that they celebrate!

It sounds like our street was a big success for trick or treating as usual! I can't believe how many people go to our street just to trick or treat! It is like famous!!!  That's cool that Kenzee and the fam came down! I loved their costumes! I really liked the star trek theme! The front yard and spook alley looked great! I liked all the orange lights!

That's awesome Hurricane killed Park City! Hopefully we can beat Tooele too! It would be cool to see them go to state again!

I'm glad that the temple is opened back up! I am jealous that you guys got to go do a session! I really am way excited to go to the temple when I get home! I will just be a third wheel when you guys go on temple date nights with Taylee and Bryson! haha ;)

I'm glad your lesson went good! Integrity is a good subject! and don't worry I will be praying for good weather for Bryson and Taylees wedding! Don't stress too much about the wedding! I cant wait to get the wedding invite! Even though it will probably be after the wedding happens! hahaha

So this past Thursday and Friday we got to go back to Mendoza! Elder Landt had to do his tramites! It was awesome, because Elder Benedict was busy doing someone else's tramites in a different building, so I got to go take some of the new kids and do a different part of the tramites! It was awesome because the people working there totally remembered me! It was cool catching up with them and everything! I was scared they wouldn't remember me! We had a lot of fun when we were in Mendoza and we got delivery food from this way good food place that does American food!!! I will send photos!

Our investigators are doing good! We have this new investigator named Nelson, he is awesome! He is 16 and he lives pretty close to a couple other young men in our ward! We have been having the young men help pass by with us and everything! It was cool too because one of the young men is not active, but we asked him if he could pass by our investigator before church and bring him... well our investigator had something come up and wasn't able to come, but the not active kid (Kevin) came to church still! I was super stoked to see him at church! It was my first time in 10 weeks seeing him there! It's the little victories ya know. :)

Well nothing too much new here either! We are going to keep working hard! Today we are doing an Asado with the Elders from Los Pinos, Retiro, and Rividavia. Elder Johnston is in Los Pinos and he went to Pine View High School! He totally knows my ex-girlfriend that went to Pine View! haha He is way tight though and way good at soccer! Well, I love you guys tons! It always makes me happy to see how good you are all doing! I can't believe its been 16 months! I have learned soooo much and have grown sooo much in the past 16 months, and I wouldn't trade the time or the memories for anything! I hope you guys have a great week! Love you soo much! :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

PS... That's awesome Coral Cliffs Cinema 8 got a VIP room! I will probably go to it a lot when I get back to working there. ;)
 We love action sunset photos.

 Just cheezing it in front of the sunset!

 We found a cool short cut in our area and we had to jump this small (and way dirty) river!

 So guess what, my trainer served in this area just about a year and a half before I did! I found this under my bed. Also Elder Barton was the Secretary who trained Elder Willard.

 Just mine and Elder Mortensen's sons posing for a photo.

We were driving around Mendoza doing tramites and saw a poster that I really liked... Heisinberg! haha :)

 Just a couple photos from the world wide service day! We cleaned up and planted some trees in this little camping area! It was tons of fun. :)

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