Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

Hey Hey family! My now even bigger family! Bryson is officially a married man! That's way crazy to me. I feel like when Bryson was on his mission nothing really changed at home, but the second I go, everyone starts getting married and growing up and stuff! Haha its just crazy. But hey, I am super glad it all turned out great! I was praying a TON for you guys!!! I was praying that maybe the weather would be bad here so that the weather would be good there in Hurricane! and guess what, it was mega windy on Saturday here!!! haha so maybe it worked! :)

It really sounds like everyone had a great experience with the wedding! All the food sounded great as well! I want some bread bowls and soup and pumpkin pie and stuff!  It all sounds great. :) I probably would have been super sad on Saturday because I couldn't be there, but a tender Mercy happened just before that day... I got your guys Christmas Package!!!!!! What happened was we were in the offices on Tuesday because we had the 2nd part of the training meeting that day, and I go to look in the box that holds all the letters for missionaries to see if I got anything and there was a package slip for me! The package had arrived 8 days before which is exactly the amount of days it will stay in holding until it starts costing money, so I sign it and Elder Romero happened to be going that day to get more letters and packages and so he was able to pick mine up for super cheap!!! It just happened to all be perfect timing!!!! So instead of being sad on Saturday, I just ate jerky and pistachios!!! haha :) Thanks a ton for the package! I love it!!!

So yeah the meeting with the 70 went good! His name is Elder Ulisses Soares! He is from Brazil! He talked a lot about planning and setting goals and stuff! At one part he asked us to pull out our agendas and he was going to look at them or something and I was kinda freaking out... like don't get me wrong, my agenda is way good filled out!! but yeah it was just funny. :) It was awesome because I got to introduce Elder Landt to basically all of my old comps except for Elder Connolly! He met Apodaca, Perez, Willard, and Lillie!  It was way good seeing all of them too! They all are ending their missions pretty soon!

Speaking of endings of missions, we got an email today from President Goates saying that all missionaries will be staying a week later in their missions because the MTC changed the English speaking missions from 2 weeks in the MTC to 3 weeks... so yeah instead of coming home the 14th of June it will be the next week after so the 21st of June! Not a super big deal to know right now but yeah just thought I would tell you! :) I think this is for every mission in the world!

Well I don't have a lot more time to write! I will write more about investigators and stuff next week!! I am loving the area and everything! I cant believe I have already been in this area for 3 months! Thanks for all the support and prayers! I loved all the photos from the wedding and I liked the cut out of me!!!! haha :) I am not sure if I really am that tall but we can all just imagine that I am. ;) I hope you guys have a great week! I love you guys tons! save some wedding cake for me! haha

Love, Elder Lawrence
Just when I first got the package!

 Thanks again so much for the package! It's the best!

 Chilling on the bus after the conference! We decided to go with a funeral theme to the meeting. Black suits, black ties!

 Someone snagged some photos of me at Bryson and Taylee's reception. Just chatting with people and me posing with some peeps for a photo! Hahahah I hope this is as funny to you as it was to me!

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