Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

Hey Hey family Stanly,

How are you all doing?? I hope you are doing good! Everything is going great here in Benavidez!!! The work is really starting to pick up! I will get to that later!

That's really cool you guys had the chance to go to that fireside! Her story really is a miracle.
Glad to hear Dad had a good birthday! Sounded a little boring but I am still jealous he got all the good junk food! haha :) and Dang that's too bad that Hurricane is out of the play offs!  Maybe they will do better next year when I am around to see it. :)

That's pretty cool Bryson and Taylee are getting all ready and packed up to move down south once again! Their wedding is coming up way soon! Don't worry I have been keeping the wedding in my prayers so the weather will be good and everything will go smoothly! I am glad to hear Kamrie and Ethan are doing good too!

Yep, so like I said things are really picking up here! Our investigators Mara and Nestor and all 4 of their children went to church this past week!!!! Man I was sooooooooooooo happy to see their car pull into church!!! Everything went way good at church too! I was nervous when they first arrived that no one was going to help them around and get to classes, so I went and found some members to go help them and everything! Then some members got up in church and gave some clutch talks and shared way good testimonies so I really think they enjoyed church! It all just went really well. :)

Oh and remember how I told you about our investigator named Nelson last week? yeah well he wasn't able to assist church this past week, but we have been passing by him a lot and we have been working with him with some of the youth in our ward and he now has a date to be baptized on the 28th of November!!! It's super exciting that he has the desire to be baptized! We might have to push the date back a little because he has a couple things he needs to change, but the 28th is the date.

We also had 10 lessons with member this past week! That is what the goal is for the zone but i'ts set super high! but yeah we were super happy to get that! I was pretty dang tired by the end of the week. Elder Landt is a champ and always has energy! but its good writing you guys and getting a nice little P-day! Oh that reminds me, I pulled out some money a week or two ago because we are making zone t-shirts! We are supposed to get them today! So if we do I will hit you guys up with some photos of them next week. :)

Well, You guys sound like you are all doing great! I wish I could be there when Taylee takes her endowments out! Remember how awesome it was when we went for my first time?? I had like the best experience, I loved the San Diego Temple sooo much! I will never forget that trip. :)

I hope you guys have a great week! Thanks for always keeping us in your prayers! We really do receive blessings from it! This coming Sunday we receive transfer calls! I am pretty positive that me and Elder Landt will be staying together! We will see though, because he is technically done with his training at the end of this transfer because he did half of it in California... but I hope we stay together. :) haha I love you guys sooo much! Chaucito!!!

Love, Elder Lawrence

 Just the photo of the gang from the Asado last P-day

 Just me looking super old school Argentine! haha fake sipping on some mate with my Argentine cowboy hat. :)

 Entercombios with Elder Levander! It rained a ton this day!

Chicken tacos we made for lunch!

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