Tuesday, February 2, 2016

19 Months!!!

Hey Hey!!!!

How are you guys doing?? :) I am doing way good! and I can't believe I have 19 months in the mission! Wow the time really does fly! and mom don't feel bad if you forget to write me sometime haha you have been doing this for like 4 years so I would understand ;)

 Everything is going great here in Tunuyan! Yes we still are having a good amount of rain! It's super humid after it rains! That is something I have had to get used to! Everything is going good with me and Elder Bustos! This next Sunday is transfers already!!! Elder Bustos thinks he is leaving this transfer but I think we might stay together one more! We will see though!!!

 Sorry this letter might be a little short! We are going to this place called Manzano today for P-day and it's suppose to be this way pretty camping area with a huge river and everything! I will send you photos of it next week! Also sorry if I didn't take much photos this week. :)

 Man it sounds like Dad has been working a ton! hopefully he gets a little break here soon! and I am glad Kamrie had tons of fun at Pine View's Jr. Prom! I loved the photos as well!!! Wow Krushurz is all up and running again! Hopefully they will do good this year! Mom don't worry you will be in my prayers for you lesson this Sunday, but I know you, you will do great. :)

 This was a super spiritual week in my mission! We taught a couple amazing lessons! I think I told you about Monica and Javier? Well they are doing great! Javier's dad is struggling with health and we taught about faith and hope and pray. Man we were all feeling the spirit super strong and we ended with a prayer that I will never forget! we were all kneeling on the concrete ground in their house with all their kids kneeling too and the mom gave an amazing prayer and by the end we were all sobbing! Javier gave us both a big hug and sent us a big text saying thanks for everything. He is awesome, we just have to work slow with him because all of this is really new for him!

Also we had this awesome experience with a new investigator. She just moved here for a few months for work with her sister that is a less active here in Tunuyan and we taught her about the book of Mormon and how she could know its true though prayer. Well she told us she didn't know how to pray, so we wrote it down how we pray and after words I asked if someone could give an example prayer and after she could give the prayer and she said that would be ok... well my companion gives the first prayer and it's just amazing and long with big words and everything in it, and then she goes to give the prayer, and its super simple and super sincere, but I felt the spirit so strong in her prayer! It just goes to show you that you don't need to pray super fancy to receive an answer to your prayers. :) By the small and simple things are great things brought to pass!

 Well yeah like I said I don't have tons of time but I love you guys soooooooooo much! I hope you guys have a great week and stay safe! Drive good and stuff haha :)

 Love, Elder Lawrence

More pictures from our fishing day!

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