Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016

Family!!! Hey!!!  Happy Valentines day!!! I totally had no idea! There is no sign of Valentines Day here in Argentina! They love to celebrate tons of holidays here but it seems like they forget about the ones that we celebrate! Sounds like you guys had a fun week with lots of family around! Glad to hear everything is going good there! :)

So yep! Elder Bustos is out of here! Sad stuff! But it's all good because Elder Peterson is a boss! This was a way solid first week with him! We got a ton of work done and we had 5 investigators come to church yesterday!!!! The work is totally picking up here! I will talk all about that in a sec! We don't have a lot of time again today because we have to get to the store before 1:00 because it will close for the siesta but I will try to fit everything in as best as I can! haha

So two of my past comps went home this past Tuesday! Elder Apodaca and Elder Perez both finished their missions!!! I was with both of them when they both had less than a year in the mission! It's crazy how the time flies! I love those guys tons and I was able to talk to them on the phone a little before they went home! Elder Apodaca's parents came and picked him up too which is awesome! I didn't get to meet them but its still cool that they came. :)

So yeah back to Elder Peterson! He is awesome! We have been getting along way well. and yeah I actually asked him to give me singing lessons haha and we practiced the other day. Our goal is the last week of the transfer we are going to do a musical number in church! whoo! haha but yeah he is way cool and he reminds me a lot of Tyson (crazy, spontaneous, way funny) He also bought this way sick hammock here in the mission and it's hung up in our pench and its sooo nice and relaxing!!! (don't be surprised if I come home with one) ;)

Ok back to the work! We had some awesome lessons this week. To start, we taught Lautaro (the kid that is getting baptized on the 27th of this month) the plan of salvacion using this little map thing I have... Well yesterday after they went to church we ate lunch with them. Lautaro taught the plan of Salvacion to his father Javier (who is our other investigator) and it was super awesome and he did a way good job!!!

Well, We are working with this other family that lives super far away from the church! It's like 9 kilometros from the church! I don't know how many miles that is... but they all came to church yesterday for the first time!!! It was sooo awesome to see them walking up to the church! I feel like they really liked it.

Well, I am not sick of the rain because I totally jinxed us or something because it stopped raining completely and hasn't rained for like a week! haha I miss the rain and the cold air that it brings! Our home is a brick oven! haha but its all good we are slowly getting to fall!!!! I can't wait. :)

Well I think I might have missed some of your questions so I am sorry if I did! Just ask me them next week! haha :) I love you guys soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and I am thankful for all that you guys do for me! Short and simple scripture for you guys D and C 38: 15

15 Therefore, be ye strong from henceforth; fear notfor the kingdom is yours.

Love, Elder Lawrence

PS. I received a card from Gma and Gpa Lawrence but it has your handwriting on the outside and I can tell that at one time there was a 20 in it, but there is no 20 haha just was wondering if you possible took it out or maybe I was robbed in the mail system. Let me know. and Thank you soo much Grandma and Grandpa!!! :) Love you!
PSS... who did Kellen marry??? That's super crazy.
PSSS.... I am totally cool with going with you and getting some pizza bread when I get home! haha :)

 This is how my comp packed his bags. He just threw everything off the second floor. haha I pack a little different.

 Chau Elder Bustos and Hermana Garrido!!!

 We were all in the terminal and this family is from Tunuyan! Also the other 2 Elders in the photo have served in this area!

 Old school Pepsi is the bomb. and super cheap

Elder Peterson chilling in his legit hammock

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