Monday, February 29, 2016

20 Months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Hey cuties...
Wow, 20 months sounds like a super long time haha. and I feel brand new still.... I don't think it will hit me that I am old in the mission until I am already home from it. It was a good week and a sad week. well not like sad sad, but yeah I will explain haha.

So yeah you know how the devil works hardest the week before the baptism?? yeah totally true!!!! So Lautaro wasn't baptized this past week.  What happened was this HUGE storm hit Tunuyan this past week and everyone was saying it was like the biggest storm in a long time to come here and it ended making some houses roofs fall in. We were fine, we just waited it out in the pench but it basically rained all night. Well this happened while Lautaro and his family were in Godoy Cruz looking for work, and they couldn't find work and they didn't want to go back until they had a little money to help them out, and they had to stay in Godoy Cruz allllllllllllllll week! They were also super super nervous about their house because it doesn't have the best roof on it. and we walked past their house a few times and we could tell the roof was a little beaten up. So we talked with Lautaros mom on the phone and she was crying a lot because she really wanted the baptism to go through and she was scared to go home and see her house and I promised her everything would be ok... and guess what.... everything was ok in the end!!!! Seriously we saw soooooo many blessing this week that it was ok that we had to move the baptism back until this next Saturday. Sooo they got home super early Sunday morning, like 6:30ish and they get to their house, and everything is perfectly fine on the inside! Somehow no water leaked through!  Also some members were super nice and stopped by their house and left them a bunch of eggs and rice and sugar and just things they would need! They ended up all coming to church yesterday and they all just looked dead tired!!! It was so awesome they still came to church and everything. We ended having a way good lesson with them after church as we ate empanadas. I love them. so yeah baptism is this Saturday, so get ready for a picture in a week. :)

We also were blessed with tons of new investigators this week!!! This past Saturday we were kinda sad about the baptism not going through and all that stuff but then God just led us to the people who were ready!!! Literally we had three lessons that day and 2 of the lessons were 2 whole families that never had listened to the missionaries before. It was cool because me and my comp were kinda stopped in between these 4 houses that were close together, and my comp was like, "well which one do you think the people are ready for us" and I was like "ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this one" and it was the house right to the right of us (because CTR all day erry day haha) and so we clap in front of this house and the daughter answers and we ask if her dad is there. The dad comes up to the door and we basically just introduce ourselves and everything and then he was like super happy to let us in. and we got to teach him and his wife and his 2 kids!!! It went super well. We ended having 6 new investigators that day. We also had 3 investigators go to church this week and 75 members went to church! That was the highest its ever been. When I first got here the assistance was at around 40. This branch is growing tons and I love being a part of it! :)

Well it sounds like you guys had an awesome week!!! That makes me super happy. I loved all the photos and I laughed a ton at some of them! It sounds like you guys ate some good food too! luckyyyy!!! Haha and wow California again??? That will be way fun for you guys. :) Well I hope you know I am doing great and I know I am exactly were I am suppose to be and we work hard and we see blessings!!! So work hard fam! :) I love you guys!

Love, Elder Lawrence

PS. Andrew looks super hipster! haha and Tyson will be at the airport for me so that will be awesome!

PS. You should look at the Masedas blog they said they told me they made a shout out to you on it because I told them you read it sometimes! haha :) Love you guys!

 trying to make our selves look like we are laughing in this photo...this is the best we got.

Somehow my companion snagged this photo that looks like I accidentally walked into a scene from Jurassic park.

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