Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016

Hey Hey Fam!!!

 I loved all the photos you guys sent! I had no idea it was Superbowl Sunday! haha that information definitely was not passed down here to Argentina but its all good! So I guess you would like to hear about transfers no?? well.... too bad..... ;) hahah no I am just kidding! I totally thought me and my companion would be staying together for one more transfer but nope! Elder Bustos is out of here! He is going to south to Alvear! It's close to San Rafael! He is wayyy sad about leaving. We have a baptism this transfer that is like set in stone! But I am excited to get a new companion and everything! It was great with Elder Bustos, it wasn't always easy, but I learned tons. :) My new companion is..... Elder Petersen!!! (no it's not Justin Petersen hahahha) He is from Washington State! I actually know him a little bit already! He is from my hijos group! He also was in Chimbas with me for a transfer! He seems way cool! I remember he knows how to sing way good so I am going to have him teach me how to sing good :) But I am way excited to work super hard this transfer! Oh and yeah I am still District Leader and I like it a ton! I have to give a baptismal interview this week because the Masedas are having a baptism!!! I am excited to do that!

Sounds like you guys are doing great! That's cool that Ethan was in Broadway Magic!  I always did that too! Ethan is a lot like me when I think about it. Also that's awesome that you fed the missionaries tacos! and you are welcome for the idea to make broccoli cheese casserole ;) Now I am hungry. Yesterday we were doing our fast for the month and for some reason during my fast I couldn't stop thinking of pizza bread with ranch!!! I was craving it hard core haha I will have to wait a little longer til I eat it though. :) I am glad everything went good with your lesson in church! :)

Sorry we don't have a lot of time to write today because we are going to go eat at a members house because my comps leaving! Everything was good this week! It rained a ton again this week!!! It was super awesome because this one day we went to this part of our area that is super far away and it just started pouring and pouring super hard on us and we were just standing by a tree and tons of cars passed and no one stopped to help us and then this giant bus drove pass and kept going and we were kinda sad because we were in the middle of no where and didn't really know what to do with all the rain,and then we see this big bus turn around and the bus driver signals us to come get in! So we go hop in and the bus is empty! He was off duty and he said that he had talked to missionaries like us before and that was the reason why he turned around! He just felt like he needed to turn around! It was super awesome and he gave us his address and everything! He also gave us a ride to super close to our investigators house were we ended up having an amazing lessons and we had 3 new investigators!!! It was a super awesome day in the end.

Like I said we don't have too much time to write, so I will cut this short. :) I love you guys tons! The time really is flying. I am really trying to enjoy it and work super hard! We are seeing tons of progress in our investigators!!!! I hope you guys have a great week! be safe. :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

PS... I will email Bryson but I basically talked all my friends into Dixie... they are talking about living at home at first which I feel like would be a super long drive everyday... but we will see!!! :) Love you so much! 

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