Monday, April 4, 2016

21 Months!!! and Conference!!!

Hey Hey Family Pamily... 
Hows it going??? Sounds like you guys had a good week and a awesome weekend with General Conference! There were tonsss of good talks!! I really liked Elder Holland's right at the end, that was awesome.  I really liked the quotes you and Dad sent me! We watched it here in Tunuyan, just right across the street from the pench. :) I feel bad though for a couple peeps in our zone, because they just got here like 3 days ago and we listened to the entire thing in Spanish! haha it was fine for me but for others it had to have been tough to sit through for like 10 hours.

Oh hey I just realized you guys don't even know who my companion is! haha well.... his name is Elder Quist! He is from Layton, Utah!  This is my second companion from there! (Elder Benedict) But yeah he is wayyy awesome!!! He doesn't know too much Spanish but it's all good, it's a lot like training before! :) We have been doing this thing though where whenever we are outside of the pench we speak only in Spanish! I think it's helping a lot! It's weird because we will go back into the pench and I am just used to speaking in Spanish with him and so my mind just keeps thinking in Spanish and when I go to say words in the pench its just all Spanish and he just looks at me super confused hahaa. :) He is way awesome though we are going to have tons of fun together!!!

That's really sad about John Wadsworth. :( I feel sad for Austin too because he is in the mission, but hey that's why we have the plan of salvation. :) Families are forever!

This was a good week! We weren't here for too much of it! Tuesday and Wednesday I was in Mendoza waiting to get my hijo! Oh hey Jared Cahoon is also training to end his mission!!! He also is going to the best area on Earth... Albardon!!!! I gave him some references to old investigators up there in San Juan, but yeah he is a lucky duck. :) But yeah Hna Azañero is one of the Hermanas here in Tunuyan and she is training as well! She is training a gringa too! Her name is Hermana Holmes from Northern Utah! haha my district is 5 gringos and 1 latin!!! Its pretty funny to me. :) we are going to have tons of fun as a District...I cant wait!!! A lost Elder Chamberlain got transferred into the District!!! He is from my MTC District! haha I haven't seen him like my entire mission! So it's been awesome hanging out with him again!

Soo yeah basically that's it for this week! We have been going around meeting all the investigators and everything! It's going great though and I am super excited for these next few months too come! :) Well I love you guys tons! I hope you have a great week! Be safe, do work, and pray often. you know the drill. :)

Love, Elder Lawrence

PS... I just sent an email to President Goates about the online orientation... I feel like it should be fine but we will see!

PSS... Love ya! :)

  Got to see some of my best buds on transfer day in the terminal! Me and Mortensen also went and got some pizza after this photo was taken, it was the bomb.

 4 generations of Secretaries right there! In order from left to right.

 Getting ready to receive the hijos! We all had to take off our ties and our hijos had to guess who their trainer was by giving them their tie...sorry its super low quality haha!

 The new Tunuyan crew! :)

 I realized I didn't have a photo alone with my hijo so like 2 minutes ago we walked outside and took this photo haha!

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