Monday, May 16, 2016

T-minus 1 month (This Sunday hahaha)

Hey Hey family!!!! how are you guys doing??? I am doing pretty good! I am feeling a decent amount better! and yeah I am trying not to stress as much and I think that is helping! But you should get me like a coupon or something to go get a massage when I get home haha I think that would help. :)

I can't believe that school is out in 8 days!!! Wow the school year went soooo fast! That's pretty crazy stuff! I feel like school just started no joke haha! and yeah that is crazy that Kamrie will be a senior and Ethan a Freshman!!! Wow they are growing up way fast yo.

Glad to hear Bryson and Taylee are doing good too! I am way excited to hang out with them a bunch! and I will still keep thinking about the job! Biolife would be awesome especially if they could train me there!

Well everything is going good here!!! Oh mom I totally forgot to tell you this.... Elder Landt is an office Elder!!!!!!!! I was sooo flipping happy when he called me and told me!!! He is so excited too (I talked the offices up a bunch to him and he wanted to serve there way bad) so yeah he is the new Historiador! and he is serving in my old area of Godoy Cruz Centro!!! I am way excited for my hijo! He will be an awesome office Elder.

We had our 2nd capacitation meeting this past Thursday and that went way good. That was my third time going to that and it's always the same but it was good to see President and Hermana Goates! Me and my hijo went funeral themed (black ties and black suits) it was awesome. I forgot my camera in the pench but I have a couple photos that Elder Bingham sent me so I will forward them to you guys. :)

Yesterday we had lunch with the familia Cuello and Javier (our investigator) invited his dad to lunch and we ate Asado and got to really meet his dad good and afterwards we taught something from the scriptures and his dad was about to cry. He kept telling us how grateful he was to meet us and he wants to meet with us again. He is way solid, only problem is that he lives in Godoy Cruz. So we are going to pass the reference on to the Elders over there! Also we got a reference this past week to go visit a guy that's in jail here in Tunuyan! We have to get permiso from President Goates before we can go but yeah I will let you guys know how that goes. :)

Oh by the way I am not sure if I got any taller haha Sometimes I see Elders that I think I am about the same height as and I ask them how tall they are and they say 5'9 or 5'10 usually.

Well yeah that's about it for this week! We are going to be going to Mendoza again this Thursday because a seventy is coming to visit the mission! His name is Elder Texeira... something like that, he is from Brazil! So that will be pretty cool! I can't believe Tyson goes home in 2 weeks! I told him to not watch any movies without me hahah ;) Well I am working hard and I am trying to be obedient! I will try to not get trunky either! I love you guys sooooooooo much too! Be safe! Make good choices! :) ya saben la rutena

Love, Elder Lawrence

 Just some of us trainers!

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